We're sitting at dinner in the middle of Aix-en-Provence and she wanted to participate (inspired by you, @lenadunham and @bjnovak)
  1. Mr. Ed (she immediately laughed)
    Because he's the only talking horse I've ever talked to.
  2. Not Bambi
    Because he lost his mom. (Her voice got very sad. Not an act.)
  3. My pussy cat, Mazie
    Because she's my midnight sunshine.
  4. My dog, Shep
    Cuz he doesn't know what a leash is. He runs freely!
  5. And Wilbur...?
    Actually I don't know.
  6. Definitely no animal ever captured in a zoo
    Animals should be in the wild.
  7. Is Ginger happy?
    (Ginger is my roommate, @DebiPal's dog. And yes, she's incredibly happy - she's got an amazing mom.)
  8. Oh, put the white horse we saw in the French Alpes today!
    Because any pal of yours is a palomino! (She proceeded to crack up.)
  9. (Five minutes later) oh! Add Eddie
    (See @carolinek's list for the complete guide to this magnificent Frenchie)
  10. Oh! Add him (a pitbull we just saw) he looks very confident.
  11. Kirby?
    We'd have to resurrect that damn dog, but if we're already using magical powers to turn Deena into animals...
    Suggested by @ReeseGolchin