1. @JonHam
    Super talented. Extremely handsome. Funnier than most professional comedians. Jon Hamm is ripe for parody. Alternatively, this could just be a great handle for a food account.
  2. @ListHole
    What @ClickHole did to @BuzzFeed and Upworthy, someone should do for @list. There's already such great stuff to spoof: lists about sorting things into Hogwarts houses, the 'randomness' of those '5 photos chosen at random lists', etc.
  3. @DJNovak
    I'm imagining the equivalent of whatever the relationship between Gnarls Barkley and Charles Barkley is. Maybe @bjnovak can just run this account and let us know what he's been spinning as of late.
  4. @Mom & @dad's kids
    Not sure who's at the helm of @Mom & @dad, but surely someone can step-up and adopt the personas of their kids.
  5. @SEORSD
    How is no one running an account for the Southeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to compete with the best account on The List App, @neorsd ????
  6. @EllenDegenerate
    Loves to dance. Dirty.
  7. @KrisCubica
    Surprised it didn't happen during the beta, honestly.