1. "The building is great, the location is excellent, but the parking lot is much too convenient and spacious."
    Trader Joe's CEO on why he passed up a potential new store.
  2. "I love you."
    Sarah to Adnan
  3. "Yes it's a silly idea for an app but please just humor him for me."
    @mindy to The Mindy Project writers.
  4. "Duh."
    Robert Durst to his attorney when asked if he did it.
  5. "The decision ultimately came down to writing something funny or saying 'fuck it, let's just make a shit ton of money.'"
    Chuck Lorre on the creation of The Big Bang Theory.
  6. "How was that, Mr. Coppla?"
    Neil Armstrong after his famous "one small step for man" line.
  7. "He's like the son I always wanted."
    @fats to himself after reading one of my lists.