@hailey came up with this brilliant list idea. Props to you, Lil' Woram
  1. Time spent petting strangers' dogs
  2. Weight consumed of the following:
    Haribo Gummy Bears | Edamame | In n Out | Rice (in grains) | Jon and Vinny's | My mom's peach smoothies
  3. Number of sexual partners based on that sex-ed stat that goes, "if you've had sex with one person who has had sex with 10 people, you also had sex with 10 people!"
  4. Amount spent replacing lost sunglasses
    (I actually don't really want to know)
  5. Number of flights taken
  6. Time spent laughing
  7. How many years I added to my life by never smoking or drinking
  8. How much time was lost to YouTube ads
  9. Play count for all films and songs
    Does Fiona Apple top my all-time played list? Or will I be shocked to find it was all those times I "jokingly" put on Will Smith...
  10. How much time I actually saved by speeding
  11. Number of orgasms
  12. $$$ saved buying store-brand products
  13. Miles traveled by foot
  14. Offenses of using "literally" in that annoying way that is the exact opposite
    Currently have a perfect record of literally 0; hope to keep it up.
  15. Time spent having face-to-face conversations vs. digital conversations
  16. Not a stat, per say, but I'd like to know the whereabouts of all the things I lost (looking at you, middle school retainers...)
  17. % of things I've said that are actually just quotes from films & shows.
  18. Time actually spent on the toilet vs. time spent on the toilet looking at my phone.
  19. Minutes wasted trying to drag a formula through every cell of a column in Excel.
    Surely there's a faster way of watching the spreadsheet scroll through 10k cells
  20. Miles scrolled on iPhone