Inspired by a trip to the Whitney with @Caroline (for the record, she knew what she was talking about.)
  1. The juxtaposition is striking.
  2. When you consider the context of when he/she was working, this piece is that much more important.
  3. This triptych really works as three pieces, don't you think?
  4. This says so much about the human experience.
  5. Just look at his/her use of light. Wow.
  6. Texture... So much texture.
  7. Depth... So much depth.
  8. I love how he/she challenges societal norms throughout this entire series.
  9. It's hard to ignore the social influence on this piece.
  10. There is such movement in the work.
  11. There is such stillness in the work.
  12. You can really feel the artist through his/her work.
  13. Just look at the way he/she positions her subjects.
  14. This is seemingly simple and yet so complex. That's the mark of a true master.
  15. You can really see how he/she developed as an artist throughout his/her career.
  16. This piece defies language.