I live in West Hollywood and work in Venice; lots of time spent in the car.
  1. "Screen Time Pt. I" - @TEDRadioHour
    A lot of articles and podcasts have dealt with the topic of our growing dependency on our phones, but the first part of this 2 part episode really expands that discussion in interesting ways. Definitely recommend. http://apple.co/1KsPbdr
  2. "Ariel Pink" & "Anthony Jeselnik" - @BretEastonEllis podcast
    An amazing season of BEEP! The monologues are even longer (didn't know that was possible but I'm stoked) and the themes are fascinating and well articulated: apology culture, the victim narrative, the utopian belief that everyone can and should be included, empire vs. post-empire. I've finished the season and am going back for seconds. http://apple.co/1KzuuB4
  3. "50th Episode Spectacular featuring @bjnovak and @john" - The Great Debates
    A whale is a fish. Dumb people should not be allowed to vote. Wear pajamas to bed. These are the debated axioms on the episode as well as a sidebar about John's ability to count cards. Definitely listen if you want to hear John make insanely great but also borderline crazy analogies every 5 minutes. http://apple.co/1KsP81t
  4. "Source Code" - The Mystery Show
    The premise is the host, Starlee Kline, will solve YOUR mysteries without the internet. I was unimpressed with the pilot but decided to give episode 5 a listen and was blown away - it's wildly entertaining and has an amazing payoff at the end. Definitely listen: http://bit.ly/1KzukK2
  5. "@isis" - Reply All
    A fascinating interview with Rukmini Callimachi, who covers Islamic Terrorism for @nytimes that reveals that many Isis members have cat and coffee mug avatars on Twitter. http://apple.co/1KsPbdq
  6. "Live! Sociology and the Human Condition" - @startalkradio (with @eugene)
    I will and have listened to every episode of StarTalk and love them all. That said, this was the Malcolm Gladwell show, which is fine, unless you've read all his books - which I have - and therefore know everything he's going to say. Still, NDT and Eugene Mirman are insightful and hilarious. http://apple.co/1Kzun8y
  7. "Labor Day" - The Flophouse
    @dankmccoy and @elliottkalan host the funniest podcast. Period. Along with Stuart Wellington, these three watch a terrible movie and then discuss. Not a terribly original concept but their insights, banter, knowledge of pretty much everything, and Elliott's improvised songs make this the perfect podcast for people who don't mind pissing their pants from laughter. http://apple.co/1KsPhlv
  8. Honorable Mention: @themoth
    The Moth Podcast is amazing and you should subscribe (http://bit.ly/1KsPSUg) Or do what I do and listen via @KCRW on Sundays.