Podcasts I Regularly Fuck With (+ 1 Sentence Why)

  1. Recode Decode
    @karaswisher is shockingly honest, which results in extraordinary interviews with some of the most influential in the world.
  2. Bret Easton Ellis Podcast
    @BretEastonEllis starts every episode by reading an original, 15+ minute piece on culture & films — always thought provoking.
  3. Song Exploder
    A good concept, executed brilliantly and with a diverse and interesting selection of tunes.
  4. Pod Save Ame
    @jonfavs & other smart, cool, and geeky dudes have a very informative and entertaining convo about wtf is going on in Washington
  5. Recode Media
    Peter Kafka's been around long enough and knows enough of media's "key players" to have meaningful conversations in a relaxed environment.
  6. Reply All
    'This American Life' for the digital age.
  7. Startup
    Sporadic, but when they're on, it's fantastic serialized storytelling.
  8. Eliza Starting At 16
    @gretchenrubin's (now) 17 year old daughter riffing on being a teenager in NYC –– wildly interesting perspective
  9. The Flop House
    Not an original concept (comedian friends watch a terrible movie and then discuss) but @elliottkalan (former head writer for The Daily Show) consistently causes me extreme pain from laughing so hard.