Prague Observations (Pragservations?)

  1. This is the Grand Budapest Hotel, right?
    I know it's the wrong country, but like... right??
  2. v v casual with the weed. Exhibit A.
  3. Exhibit B
  4. As far as I can tell, Prague's main industry is providing Asian brides & grooms picturesque settings for their engagement photos.
    I've been strolling for an hour and already seen 4 different couples — in tuxes and white gowns — posing at coffee shops, in old cars, in front of the castle, etc.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, love is not the universal language, it's shitty T shirt humor.
    Currently on the hunt for "Czech yourself before you wreck yourself" — I have to believe it exists.
  6. I couldn't even begin to guess what this sign is trying to convey.
    Just around the corner you'll find a father playing ball with his son in front of their one story home?
  7. "Lovely"
  8. This giant, hollow churro-like treat that slowly roasts over open coals is hard to ignore. You can smell it from a mile away.
  9. Toy Shop window w/ puppets is like the center square of Prague Bingo
  10. Digging these colors
  11. I vote 2
  12. Eh-yooooo!!!
  13. Proof!
  14. In a restaurant built in a 12th century wine cellar, they use iPads as menus and you can watch 360 degree view videos of your food.
    Sure. Why not.
  15. The trio: Cameron, Mauceri, and Elfman
    Rehearsals for Danny Elfman's violin concerto