Presidential Candidates as Mobile Phones

Inspired by @kylecmoore
  1. Clinton - Rose Gold iPhone 6S
    Probably the best phone on the market - and the Rose Gold was a strategic play for 'the kids' - but no one is that excited about getting a new iPhone anymore.
  2. Trump - Prada Phone
    Flashy as shit but like, does it work?
  3. Sanders - Samsung Galaxy
    In theory, the open system is awesome. But in practice? Also, Android users are really adamant about telling you why the Android is the best.
  4. Rubio - Boost Mobile
    I'm sure Boost worked, but it seemed sketchy.
  5. Cruz - Windows Phone
    You sort of just wound up with this as your only option because of the plan you signed up for.
  6. O'Malley - Blackberry
    Totally gets the job done, but no one is buying Blackberries.
  7. Chafee - Best Buy Payphone
    There's debate as to whether or not there even was a Payphone at that Best Buy... (@Serial)