What about everyone else? Anyone have anything else weird?
  1. 7 Bumble and Bumble products
    Grooming Creme (aka nectar of the gods.) Styling Creme. Texture. Prep. Sumo Tech. Sumo Wax. Creme Contour.
  2. Kiehl's Facial Care trio
    Facial Fuel Wash, Toner, and Facial Fuel Moisturizer (with SPF, duh)
  3. Girly products I don't want to admit to
    Bioré deep cleansing pore strips, Kiehl's eye cream, makeup remover (ok, that's Caroline's) and cuticle cream (ok, that's mine) Nail file (that's also mine...)
  4. Even more hair products
    Surf Head wax, R+Co styling Creme, American Crew Forming Cream
  5. @carolinek 's bobby pins
    Between here, my car, and my bed-side table I think I could open up a department store that just sells bobby pins.
  6. Tom's unscented deodorant
    Im not a fan of fragrant armpits.
  7. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme
    But only because I can't afford Le Labo...
  8. Vitamins: C and Fish Oil
    Because my mom still asks if I'm taking them...
  9. Oral Care: just the basics
    Floss, toothpaste, brush. There's mouth wash somewhere, too, but I don't like that it turns my teeth blue. Anyone else?
  10. For those curios
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