Where to even begin...
  1. Going to Disneyland oftener resembled a shopping trip...
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    My dad would say "oh, that tiki sign would look good in the living room" or "you know, we don't have an Alice in Wonderland ride vehicle yet." My dad recently moved so the Dumbo we had hanging from the ceiling had to fly somewhere else.
  2. Richard Sherman or Alan Menken would occasionally bust out into song in my living room
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    It never gets old. Here's Richard Sherman in the Mr. Toad car in our living room.
  3. I once Rick Rolled Disneyland
    Using a pocket projector, I walked around the park and projected the video on to various buildings. Also while riding the Matterhorn.
  4. I've been to Disneyland Paris more times than I've actually been to Paris.
    I'm cultured...
  5. We'd go to Dland from LA in the evening for dinner and a quick ride or two
    Not uncommon for us to make the 90 minute drive just to grab some gumbo and ride Pirates.
  6. I've spent more time reading signage at Dland than most people have spent on rides
    Usually for scavenger hunts they hold in the parks. It's amazing their attention to detail!
  7. Certain park guests stop my dad to chat with him — he's a minor Disney celeb.
  8. My name is on the 4th brick laid in the plaza between Dland and DCA
    1st and 2nd were the president of Dland and her boss, 3rd was my dad.
  9. We held a contest to ride every attraction in 1 day
    The Kraftland Ride-athalon. 20 teams of 2 had a full day to ride all 56 attractions. Only 1 team completed the challenge. My team placed 5th having missed 3 attractions.
  10. Most recently I got locked in the park at 5am
    I had to find a maintenance guy - some pimple faced kid - who had keys to Disneyland. THIS LITTLE PUNK HAD THE KEYS TO DISNEYLAND ON HIS KEYRING!
  11. Keeping in line with the Disney religion, I can safely assume that if it's Sunday, my dad's gonna be at Club 33.
    He's not even there to ride the attractions! He just wants to hang at the club and steal their wifi.
  12. I sometimes get videos of weird stuff he owns — like the sea serpent from the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride — without any context.
    Just a reminder, in case I forgot there used to be a 20 foot sea serpent in our backyard.