1. Does Minnie Driver drive a Mini Cooper, making her a Mini driver?
  2. It would be so funny to build a player piano that only plays a mediocre version of "Heart & Soul"
  3. I bet if I Googled "Guess Who game" and "Racial Profiling" it'd return like, a billion Tweets and a handful of thought pieces.
  4. Whenever I see a celebrity's name in the Facebook Trending section, I assume they've died.
    Same goes when I get a CNN breaking news push notif that begins with a celebrity's name.
  5. Do CEOs of certain companies — Uber, Starbucks, Netflix, etc. — have a special account where they don't have to pay for their product, or are they so wealthy it doesn't even matter?
  6. That new XX song — "On Hold" — sounds like a parody of what music in 2016 sounds like.
  7. Has the term 'Hashtag Holiday' already been coined to define #nationaldonutday #nationalsiblingday #nationalcabbageday and the likes?
  8. I can't believe Amazon named a product that you're supposed to talk to 'Alexa' as that's a real name that real people have. Imagine having a child named Alexa and an Amazon Echo.
  9. We need a word for the period of time between when something is new & cool and when something is throwback cool.
  10. These in-flight safety videos are getting crazier and crazier and I have a very hard time imagining anyone is actually receiving any of the LIFE SAVING information.
  11. Cheetos are not chips.
  12. Where did all the H2 Hummers go? There were 2 years when that was every other car on the road. Now they're all gone.
  13. Perhaps not the best name for a collection of guide books meant to bring people together.
  14. Why is the mascot for a skincare company a skinless skeleton?
  15. There's no better feeling than when you need to cancel/reschedule on someone but then they cancel/reschedule on you first — all the gain with none or the guilt.
  16. What's the difference between a sauce and a dressing?
  17. Eating something "in one bite" actually means eating it in 2 pieces.
  18. The question "can I start you with still, sparkling, or filtered tap?" is really just a way for a waiter to determine how cheap you are.
  19. How did every single elementary school in America end up with the same brand of parachute?
    Was it just one, incredible, record-setting traveling salesman?
  20. There should be a word to describe the cycle of someone loving an animated show as a kid and then, a decade later, loving that same animated show as a stoner.
  21. What % of the time that someone says "this is going to change your life" was the other person's life changed?
  22. Is this why so many TV writers love Jitlada?
  23. Does anyone actually know how many Skarsgårds there are?
  24. What % of men who have photos with the Washington Monument have taken this photo?
  25. Are there people who know hexcode so well that if you said 6 random numbers and letters, they'd know what color it was?
  26. They were definitely on a break
    Inspired by someone on this app who'd like to remain anonymous
  27. What % of iPhone users under the age of 16 know what this symbol is?
  28. If you take sexually explicit photographs of yourself as a minor and then release them as an adult, can you be prosecuted for disseminating child pornography?
    It goes without saying, but this is 100% hypothetical.
  29. I have no idea if The Emoji Movie already came out or not and I feel more compelled to write this random thought down than to Google the answer.
  30. It's pretty insane that we still call it a 'glove box/compartment' I just Googled it and there aren't even alternative names that never caught — no one at any point in time has even attempted to give it another name.
  31. Someone should do a The Shining remake set at The Madonna Inn
    This was 100% @sky's idea, but it's going on this list cuz it's so good.
  32. This seems like awkward word choice.
    @ReeseGolchin still is (a)live.
  33. Spotify should know that if I search & play "Independence Day" by Elliott Smith I probably am not then in the mood to hear "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child
  34. Trigger Happy TV was the greatest show that no one talks about.
  35. I didn't think 2017 was going to get a 20 second clip as insane as the La La Land producers learning that Moonlight had won, but then Sean Spicer brought up Hitler...
    By "insane" I mean you can't fully comprehend what is unfolding live in front of you.
  36. Considering how good pesto is, people don't talk about it much nor do you see it offered in many places. This is sad.
  37. I am consistently impressed by the videos Instagram curates under their "Comedians" Discover section — never has one been funny. That's an impressive feat! Literally 0% batting average.
  38. I'm going to start responding 'I asked her and she said no... it's a really sore subject –– we don't see eye or eye on marriage –– but thanks for bringing it up.' whenever people inquire when I'm going to ask Caroline to marry me.
  39. What are the odds that at some point, a menu contained the item "Marky Mark and the Funky Brunch" as a header for their brunch options?
  40. Saying something is "beyond words" is such a fucking cop out.
  41. Someone should create the Twitter account @PrePresidentTrump that attacks President Trump in the way Trump attacked President Obama via Twitter
  42. Curb Your Enthusiasm and Fawlty Towers are the same exact show! Every episode involves the male lead - a hard to love, childish and out of touch husband - fucking something up and over the course of the episode, making it worse.
  43. What dude refused to call it a spade, prompting someone else to plead to call it such, and for what reason was he so opposed?
  44. I think it'd be fun for a day to go to different restaurants, approach people at their table, and ask how everything was. We just assume these people are managers but like, let's see some credentials.
  45. When people are "Uncredited" on IMDB it's like, yeah, so was I.
  46. I've only just understood the brilliance of the Kanye line from Dark Fantasy, "too many Urkels on your team that's why your Winslow"
    I feel bad for people who can't get past his persona/antics.
  47. Imaging receiving the worst news you could possibly imagine. Now imagine 45 seconds after receiving this terrible news, Carl Carlton's "Bad Mama Jama" comes on the radio. You dance, right?
  48. The way you read a magazine tells me all I need to know about you. Front to back? Back to front? Quick scan of everything before diving in? Ad-skipper? Ad-lover?
  49. A dog wandered into our beach-front AirBnB and started begging for food. We happily obliged and gave him lots of love, too. Why is it that if that dog was a person, we'd be asking him to leave and calling the cops?
  50. I feel bad for actual aunts & uncles anytime a friend introduces me and Caroline to their baby as "Uncle Nicky & Aunt Caroline" — when did those become titles you could just pass out to anyone?
  51. Why do elevate and escalate — two words that mean to rise — have such vastly different connotations, the former positive, the latter negative?
  52. Life hack: post a video of those new inflight safety videos — the ones with the songs, over the top production, etc. — and if anyone comments with positive remarks, cut that person out of your life.
  53. Carpe pm: seize the afternoon
  54. Love that Zankou advertises how great they are *in* Zankou
    Bold. Confident. 100% accurate.
  55. It is odd that we upload photos of other people's vanity plates yet take the time to blur out others when they are simply random
  56. I only just realized that the song "Too Close" by Next is about getting a boner on the dance floor.
    Not that they're hiding it, the first thing is the spoken words, "I wonder if she can tell I'm hard right now" but in '97 I was blissfully unaware.
  57. I would *love* cats if they were wild animals — the western equivalent of monkeys cohabiting cities with people. But as pets, I think they absolutely suck.
  58. Someone should have created a Twitter account that tweets "yeah, but her emails" every day at noon.
  59. The yodeling part at the end of "Dream" by The Cranberries is absolute fire.
  60. Is milk the only liquid that can be condensed?
  61. What about being a parent leads a person to feel obligated - excited? - to send along joke email forwards to their children?
  62. What % of the world’s chicken noodle soup is consumed by people who don’t feel sick? I’m guessing 5%, tops.
  63. Static
    One of these ones is so not like the other