I think this may have been my favorite song from last year: http://open.spotify.com/track/3t87C08isN6yw2DnWOorLm
  1. Opening: Love that atmosphere
    Even though it cuts out, I love that soundscape at the beginning - seems to suggest a beach or perhaps a park. Immediately sets a mood.
  2. Sparse instrumentation is so good
    So much air and space. What is that bass they're playing that just glides along so carelessly? I'm just imaging some slow-motion shots of someone dancing along the beach. The "Santa Barbara" line only helps with that imagery.
  3. The production of all the instruments is all a bit muted
    Furthering this underwater/beach feel
  4. "If I can't trust you than dammit Hannah..."
    This whole section where the instrumentation cuts out almost entirely is great for two reasons 1. The confidence of Keonig in his singing and lyrics is emphasized 2. It only heightens what I think is one of the best moments in any song ever...
  5. 2:40 - the best moment in music, 2014
    That little piano riff and then BOOM! Drums come in and the whole song drops harder than any EDM song of recent memory. What began as a soft, spacious song is suddenly filled with all this lush instrumentation and then...
  6. Ezra Koenig going all out "if I can't trust you..."
    Oh my god, this moment. It's like this entire song has been the moment leading up to a sneeze and then, finally, you release. It's unbelievably crafted - you don't even realize they're building tension until it's all released. I can't think of a better few seconds in any song in recent memory.
  7. The Mazzy Star-esque guitar is amazing
    It almost sounds like a chorus of bees, buzzing in and out of the background. It's as much atmospheric as it is harmonic.
  8. And then it all fades away
    A few measures of Ezra and the band going all out and then it slowly decomposes into the soft, spacious instrumentation that began the song. That piano riff that brought us into the eruption then leads us out - beautifully, absolutely beautiful. As quickly as it erupted it wanes. It leaves you satisfied yet wanting more.