1. Static
    Rare photo of Steve Jobs Murphy.
  2. Static
    I got to watch the 2nd presidential debate with the candidates themselves!
  3. Static
    Bride sent me this: a reminder that fancy British wedding hats aren't just for the ladies.
  4. Static
    Though she wears one better than I do...
  5. Static
    @Caroline and I went to a midnight wedding and were the last to leave at 5am. Or 6am? I dunno, but bless you, hotel blackout curtains.
  6. Static
    @Lauren & @BWF got married and all I got was this bomb photo of a bunch of hawties swooning.
  7. Static
    I love that this is how they price pumpkins.
  8. Static
    @richardkraft dreamed up and produced 3 phenomenal nights of this incredible film, score, and songs at the Hollywood Bowl — pretty spectacular show.