I hate when people post text convos where they're the funny one — not a good look — so I promise not to be funny in any of these.
  1. @Caroline with the great LA spotting
  2. Late night humor, compliments of @davidrosenfeld
  3. I highly recommend having David as a friend
  4. Sure, @Lauren, sure...
  5. *face palm*
    Remember this horrifying discovery, @ErinEdwards ????
  6. Parents just don't understand...
  7. Most of my camera roll is just screenshots of @mikeyincharge status updates that I text to people.
  8. Would take too long to explain
  9. Blurred to protect the identity of my friend, who knows that saving Hyrule is more important than just about anything.
  10. "Just wondering"
    I love you, person who shall remain anonymous. You're a fucking catch.
  11. This is all I want in life.
  12. Dope handle
  13. Static
    @mikeyincharge making me lol on the daily
  14. Static
    I didn't want to follow Pumpkin The Raccoon on IG because Raccoons only live 2-3 years, but then learned that they live 20 years in captivity!!! It's tough out there for a raccoon.
  15. Static
    *these are not the droids you're looking for*
  16. Static
    There's a mockingbird in the tree between our apartment and Abby's apartment. It's an ongoing saga that begins every night around midnight.
  17. Static
  18. Static
    You ever want to make a joke but it's so bad that you decide not to, but you still kinda wanna make the joke?
  19. Static
    @jonosser with the questionable life choice.
  20. Static
    Last Valentine’s Day I went to a Ja Rule + Ashanti concert with friends, which included a staged domestic violence scene set amongst a copious amount of stage fog. Unclear why.