I'm not sure what @zoe had in mind here, but I'll take it to mean "secret formula for a good life."
  1. Good people
    Seek them out. Surround yourself with them. Be one yourself. My fondest memories from an incredibly privileged life have little to do with the experiences and much more to do with the company.
  2. "This and That"
    My dad and I always hated "this or that" so we swapped the "or" for "and." The result? A jam-packed, never dull, always full life. Have your cake and eat it too - you can always go to the gym.
  3. Find your Cheers
    In Boston there was a restaurant near my apartment that I frequented so often with my roommates that it became our extended living room. Wherever you find yourself living, find your spot; the perks of being a regular are boundless.
  4. Play Games
    I don't understand people who don't like games. For me, there are few joys greater than friendly competition with good people. Even a round of Jenga over cheese and music with a few friends is an A+ time. I think playing games is helpful to being successful: you get in the habit of trying to figure things out and develop strategy.
  5. Travel Alone
    I spent 3 months in Japan by myself and it was the most transformative experience of my life. Nothing grand happened, but the constantly loneliness and ability to sit with your thoughts and explore yourself - really explore, deeper than you ever have before - is incredible. It's always rewarding to look back at your trip(s) and realize you were solely responsible for everything that happened.
  6. Hand-write "thank you" notes.
    Email "thank yous" are fine in certain instances, but if you don't own personalized stationary you're a chump.
  7. Be honest
    The connecting thread between my favorite films, music, performances, and theater is honesty. Watching someone express themselves honestly is always interesting. If you're an artist in anyway, be honest. If you're a human, be honest about who you are, otherwise you'll only attract people who think you're something else.
  8. Engage
    I have never once regretted doing something - going somewhere, talking to someone, asking a question, trying something new. What keeps me awake at night are the things I wish I had done for the possibilities of what might have been are endless.
  9. Apologize
    Even if you don't think you did anything wrong, if someone is hurt by your actions, apologize. And mean it. Arguing why someone shouldn't be hurt is a waste of time and energy and rarely leads to resolution.
  10. Don't murder people