1. Why is food court food terrible but food truck food delicious?
  2. At what point does an avocado become guacamole?
    Like, what is the bare minimum necessary to convert the veggie into a dip?
  3. "Employees Must Wash Hands" signs, who are they for:
    Employees, to serve as a reminder or customers, to serve as assurance?
  4. Was the deputy shot or not?
    Bob Marley says he didn't shoot the deputy: does this mean the deputy was shot and Marley is like "ok yes, I shot the sheriff but don't pin the dead deputy on me." Or is he like "yeah, I shot the sheriff but I let the deputy go so I'm not all bad."
  5. What won't Meatloaf do for love?
  6. What does Bill Murray say at the end of Lost in Translation?
  7. Who buys pornographic magazines at the airport???
    They're selling them, so someone must be buying them.
  8. Where is the Eastern-most Carl's Jr. and the Western-most Hardee's?
  9. Why are fingernails and hair perfectly fine to touch when they're attached to a person, but FUCKING GROSS to touch the second they're removed?
  10. Why is it "shave ice" and not "shaved ice"
    I've asked and gotten a lot of answers but none are satisfying.