1. "Aziz, I'm sorry."
    The speaker is apologizing to her friend, Aziz.
  2. "Bill! Pull, man!"
    The speaker, annoyed by Bill's lack of pulling, is urging him to do his part in a game of tug of war.
  3. "I'd like to be Jay: no vacc., no problem!"
    The speaker, when asked who he'd like to be, is suggesting he wishes he was more like his pal Jay, who skipped getting a flu vaccination and didn't get sick.
  4. "Do you think I should marry Tyler Moore?"
    The speaker is seeking advice as to whether or not she should accept Tyler Moore's proposal.
  5. "Bill packs tons."
    The speaker is referring to her husband, Bill, who over packs whenever they travel together.
  6. "Pay the bill? Oh, Riley already picked it up!"
    Presented with the question of settling up at the bar, the speaker is informing the group that their boss Riley already paid.
  7. "That guy? Fox!"
    The speaker is double checking who her friend is pointing at across the party before proclaiming him to be attractive.
  8. "At dawn, drape her scarf around your neck."
    The speaker, for reasons that are not clear, is requesting that her friend drapes a scarf around his neck, just as the sun rises.
  9. "Can I make the dough, Moe? Ari got to make it last time."
    The speaker, preparing to make pizza with friends, is asking Moe if she can make the dough as their friend Ari was given the honor when last they all made pizza.
  10. "You're going to Cannes. Yay! West there's a cute town called Fréjus."
    The speaker is delighted to hear her friend is going to Cannes and suggests exploring a town just west, called Fréjus.