1. Sweatpants in public
    Not even once.
  2. Putting your kid on a leash
  3. Listening to the radio for music
    With the exception of very few stations in the cities I've lived, listening to the radio for musical enjoyment is the loudest way of saying "I don't really actually care what I'm listening to, just whatever."
  4. Not toasting a Pop-Tart
  5. Watching YouTube ads
    Because it's 2am and what's the point of skipping them - at least they're company.
  6. Basketball shorts in public
  7. Eating at Jerry's Famous Deli
    You've settled.
  8. Going through the trash because there are still some crumbs in that bag of crackers
  9. Online Dating
    No offense to all y'all who do this, but come on, do you not know how to meet people in public? "Hi, how are you doing?" Boom, you're off and running with a conversation with a real life human being.
  10. Wearing pajamas to the airport
    Suggested by @Lauren