Some Weird Shit I Did While Living in Japan

3 months with an unlimited rail pass and minimal responsibilities lead to:
  1. Experienced racism (as a white man!)
    There's a curfew for the U.S. Military on Okinawa. As a result, there are not white people out past 11pm. Except for me and some British friends. We were turned away from every karaoke bar we tried, "sorry, closed" (they obviously were not). We finally talked our way into one and through literal magic tricks, lots of Celine Dion karaoke, and some smooth dance moves, we won everyone over. (I don't know who that woman is, but boy did we dance!)
  2. The sex shops. So many sex shops.
    Where to begin? The used panties, pixelated bukaki, "men only" floors... These 6-8 story buildings housed the weirdest stuff I have ever seen. Like these!
  3. 48 hour Tim Burton party
    Ended up at an after party for the Frankenweenie premier at Club Trick or Treat - there was a midget magician, Zombie Marie Antoinette Violinists, and all sorts of other strange people. I stayed the night in Tim's suite after all sorts of strange debauchery. The next day a group of us enjoyed a 2 hour meal at my friend Aiko's parent's tiny flat while watching Godzilla movies. Strange 48 hours... (That's sake being poured out of Godzilla, btw.)
  4. Rabbit café
    A pay by the hour cafe where you're served tea and carrot bits - the latter is for the rabbits that roam around while you drink.
  5. Stalked a woman
    @tay and I were on the train and decided we wanted to explore a new part of town. We spotted a young woman and decided we'd get off wherever she got off and follow her for awhile. We ended up in a residential area and found a bizarre pet store selling bats, owls, monkeys, and tortoises.
  6. Rode a train for 10 hours and got off somewhere random
    I had an unlimited rail pass so I just packed a small bag, got on in Tokyo heading North, and at some point decided I'd go to Sapporo. Found a couch surfing host while on the train and spent 2 days exploring that beautiful city.
  7. Sampled dozens of bizarre kit kat flavors
    Rum Raisin. Wasabi. Cayenne. Red Bean Sandwich. Strawberry. Purple Sweet Potato. Pumpkin. Apple. Tea. Green tea. So many flavors and I tried them all (well, there are over 250, but I sampled all the ones I could find.) I think @tay will agree with me when I say Rum Raisin is hard to beat...
  8. Chased a water fall and got naked in it
    On Yakushima island (which is a story in itself) I got lost in the woods (the same woods that inspired Princess Mononoke) and decided to follow a stream. When I reached the waterfall, I stripped down and went swimming. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. (Is this the first nudie on ListApp??)
  9. The Cup Noodle Museum
    There is too much to say. There is too much to experience. If you go to Japan and don't visit the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, don't ever talk to me. "We Are All Noodle Beings" - His Greatness Momofuku Ando