Sundance 2017

  1. Flew in early this morning and Caroline got right down to business...
    Checking the program to jigsaw our way into seeing as many films in the next 4 days as possible.
  2. Tokyo Idols
    First film of the day was this documentary about Japanese Idol culture. Not necessary the most incredible filmmaking, but the subject matter is fascinating and we've all been discussing/debating all day.
  3. Mudbound
    I'm interested to see what happens with this film: spectacular filmmaking about the relationship and tensions between a poor black family and the struggling white family who own the land they work on. There were multiple narrators, which was an interesting device — the film does a good job of making the families the main focus more than any individual.
  4. Lemon
    Midnight showing. I was in and out of consciousness. Not sure being awake for the whole thing would have helped me better understand what was going on though.
  5. Good morning, Utah!
  6. These two angels went to bed at 3am then got up at 7am to get us all tickets and see a doc.
    Sundance warriors, @Lisha @Caroline
  7. Dina
    Do everything in your power to see this documentary that follows a couple with Aspergers during the weeks leading up to their wedding. I couldn't believe it's not fiction: the characters, the cinematography, the dialogue, the editing... it's superb. Absolutely unbelievable.
  8. Chowed down on lobster rolls while driving to the next film (not pictured: rolls, which were devoured in a matter of seconds.)
  9. Sweater party
  10. L.A. Times
    Buncha 30 something year olds in LA struggling with and pontificating about relationships. Lots of great scenes and characters. It won me over by the end.
  11. Quest
    A 10 year in the making doc about a family in North Philly. Considering the scope of the film, it was actually quite small and underrated.
  12. Patti Cake$
    Killer P aka Patti Cake$ aka Patricia dreams of being a rapper. This was a Sundance Labs film with a really charming cast — very cute, very original.
  13. The Big Sick
    Lots of hype. A huge sale. And one of the biggest laughs I've ever had in a movie. Also, hugely funny and compelling performance by Ray Ramano!
  14. No time to wait for Uber in between films so we improvised
  15. Call Me By Your Name
    You ever been to a dinner party with a bunch of really intelligent people who share none of the same cultural references as you, and while you're happy to be there and understand it's good company, you recognize that it's not your scene/they're not your people?
  16. The Polka King
    Jack Black plays The Polka King. Jenny Slate plays his wife, the disgraced Mrs. Pennsylvania. Truly bizarre and bizarrely true!
  17. It was a four movie day!
  18. The Nile Hilton Incident
    Not an original idea — the only just police officer fighting for justice as he investigates a murder — but set against the Egyptian Revolution, its quite interesting. Tough film for 10am though...
  19. I don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore
    Loved it! Marco Blair's directorial debut. Reminds me of Sam Raimi in the cartoonish level of violence and extreme bad luck. Coming to Netflix soon.
  20. Crown Heights
    Based on a true story, and adapted from the This American Life episode 'DIY' — it's well made and an incredible story. Personally though I don't gravitate towards 'based on a true story' films, I want something original.