1. Fresh Corn Vegetable Bowl - Fresh Corn Grill
    Both the Asian BBQ sauce and the Ginger Curry are phenomenal
  2. I Am Fortified - Café Gratitude
    A sautéed vegetable bowl over brown rice or quinoa.
  3. Hollywood Bowl
    Summer time. Pizzeria Mozza to go. Box. Good friends. Great music. Is there anything better?
  4. Acai Bowl - Joey's Cafe
    $11 worth of granola and berries is enough to keep you going all day.
  5. Pinz - Studio City
    If you like overpriced bowling and a chance to see Coolio, this is the place for you! (I saw Coolio here twice so chances are prettttty good you will, too)
  6. Strawberry Energy Bowl - Hugo's
    Another great granola and fruit bowl that'll keep you going all day