1. The power to always find parking.
    And not just any parking, I'm talking Doris Day parking.
  2. Matrix-style upload abilities for any foreign language.
    The ability to speak to anyone in their mother tongue would be such a blessing, especially at Jitlada where they just don't understand that I can't handle the spice!
  3. Go-go gadget...
    I'd love to say these words and have whatever I needed just appear, Swiss Army knife style.
  4. A sixth sense for which line (check out, check in, security, etc.) was going to move fastest.
    To save me time, yes, but mainly to save me the frustration of picking the wrong line
  5. Inductive-charging hands
    Never have to worry about my iPhone battery
  6. Steel Mouth
    I tend to burn my tongue a lot as a result of being overeager with hot food... I suppose just some self control would work, too.