Not even the all powerful List App (with awesome users like @wikiHow) will be able to fulfill these open list requests as there are no good answers. Inspired by @mia's list.
  1. ➕ Folding a fitted sheet. Help!
    I know you've got something for this, @wikiHow, but I also know it requires the use of actual magic.
  2. ➕ Healthy & cheap LA smoothies
  3. ➕ Pictures of Drake looking tough
  4. ➕ Fun things to do in Sacramento
    No offense, but when your historic district is called "Old Sac" I don't even want to know what sort of fun there is to be had.
  5. ➕ How/when to buy cheap airline tickets
    No one actual understands the metrics and algorithms used to determine ticket prices.
  6. ➕ Stones' songs that are better than even the worst Beatles' song
  7. ➕ Ways the digitally enhanced Star Wars is superior to the original
  8. ➕ Chord changes, 4:33
  9. ➕ Other great albums by The Sex Pistols besides 'Never Mind the Bullocks...'
  10. ➕ Reasons cats are better than dogs
    I'm sure this would garner lots of suggestions, but they'd all be false.
  11. ➕ Films on par with Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    I haven't seen all of the films ever made, but I'm fairly convinced there isn't even just one that's as good.
  12. ➕ Free Valet in Los Angeles