1. Slow Burning & Monotoned
    The entire film crept along at a slow, sometimes painful pace, which only enhanced how off and eerie everything felt. Scenes were much more about subtext than what was actually unfolding onscreen, and I loved how much space the audience is given to reflect on what's happening, both on and off screen.
  2. Great Acting (?)
    A lot has been written about the three main actors incredible transformations. While the performances were deserving of the praise they garnered, I felt a good amount of my time was spent caught up in the transformations - they were a bit distracting.
  3. Weirdly Funny
    The film is so tense and uncomfortable at times that you can't help but start laughing at the absurdity of this true story. Carell's character is so pathetic, Tatum's so dumb that you begin to find them strangely amusing.