Michel Gondry's animated conversation with Noam Chomsky is currently available on Netflix
  1. Visually and intellectually captivating
    Gondry spent years animating a back and forth interview with Chomsky by hand!! This film is equal parts an exploration of Chomsky's theories as it is Gondry's mind. You could watch this film on silent and be captivated. You could listen to this as a podcast and it would be interesting. Together? Awesome.
  2. Funny and weirdly heartwarming
    Gondry has that adorable French accent and often mixes up words. His commentary with regards to the process - his excitement, his nervousness, his stupidity - is honest and endearing. You're on board with this odd passion project because he's so inviting.
  3. The perfect alone in bed film
    You've got a night to yourself and are looking to be equal parts entertained and informed. You don't have to worry about someone else going "wait, what?" every 5 minutes and when you go "wait, what?" every 5 minutes you'll simply rewind and rewatch. And it's so enjoyable that you'll want to.