Had the extreme pleasure of seeing it at the Dome. Los Angeles Listers - you MUST see it there as an at home viewing will not come close to doing it justice.
  1. Interesting Sacrafices
    Morgen seemed more than happy to not do certain things - interviews with journalists, focus on Nirvana, create a typical narrative arc - choosing instead to focus almost entirely on the most intimate and personal details of Kurt as simply a human being.
  2. Posthumous Autobiography
    The film was created and presented in a way that you felt as though Kurt had put it all together himself. In many ways, he did. Aside from some interviews with family, everything in the film came from him - narration, art, music, soundscapes, text. It was deeply personal and an amazingly intimate look at this artist.
  3. Defining
    The film is 2 and a half hours long. Plenty of things *could* be cut because they don't advance the narrative as well as other pieces, but upon reflection, I realize this film is about preserving Kurt's story. Every second of footage or frame of art or note of music comes from him; it feels like a complete and defining work. To tell his story any other way seems pointless - this film is Kurt's film and it's so whole and chalked full of honest expression that anything else would seem phony.