I just discovered their website - straight out of 1998 - and it's incredible.
  1. Mission Statement?
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    First of all, love that they even have a mission statement. Secondly, "nutritious choices"...???
  2. Does ICEE rent Machines for "personal home" events, including the ICEE Bear?
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    Why the quotes around "personal home" and also, what is up with the bear?! "Legal restrictions"??? Did the best maul someone?
  3. Why does my store only carry Cherry and Blue Raspberry?
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    So passive aggressive.
  4. Is ICEE Kosher?
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  5. Is ICEE gluten free?
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    If you're worried about gluten you probably shouldn't be drinking an ICEE.
  6. What makes an ICEE fluffy?
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    The more you know
  7. What was ICEE's first flavor?
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    Why is the FAQs section so curt? Did I do something to offend you, ICEE website? You mind elaborating on this answer, like why cola?
  8. Does ICEE give charitable contributions of any kind?
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    What they mean by "ICEE participates in several charitable organizations." Is "no."