Inspired by the people I no longer follow
  1. A photo of a text convo where you're the funny one
    1. Rarely are you *actually* funny. 2. This is more narcissistic than a selfie.
  2. #photo #photography #pic #picture
    No shit
  3. Posting multiple photos in a row
    That's what Facebook albums are for - or an awesome photo list! In the perfect world, everyone averages 1 instagram a day. Make it count.
  4. Dubsmash
    I've never downloaded it so maybe I'm missing something. These feel like the equivalent of fwd email threads from your grandma. (Thanks for reminding me about these, @laur)
  5. Giving your house a location tag name
    "The Castle" "hang-pad, USA" "Casa de Chill" - they all annoy me and also make it really easy to stalk someone.
  6. Photos of food that aren't mind blowing
    If you're IGing food, I'm totally fine if you obsess over the angle, colors, filters, etc. if you're going to snap such a basic shot, do it up! If you're just snapping a quick, poorly lit photo of a meal you made, don't bother.
  7. A purposefully sexy photo of a girl with a caption that attempts to convey she's oblivious to how sexy she's trying to be
    "Ugh, Mondays" "Just being me" "I'm so weird"
  8. Taking photos of text
    Hold on @bjnovak, I love your account. What I mean is people who write notes and instagram them. Save it for Twitter.
  9. Too many hashtags
    They all read as #desperate to me
  10. Thinking it's embarrassing to like old photos
    If you're creeping through old posts or just started following someone, have no shame in liking their old photos.
  11. Liking your own photo
  12. Posting multiple photos to make a grid photo
    Dope in theory, annoying in practice — I don't want a feed of 15 photos in a row that don't make any sense.
  13. Using the caption "had such a great time shooting with @photographershandle!"
    Does anyone else see this all the time on posts from models and actresses? How has this become the go-to caption for attempting to excuse yourself from shamelessly posting an incredible, professionally snapped photo of yourself?
  14. That video story where someone's playing music from their phone and they're in selfie mode - half-feeling the music, half-looking unimpressed - and they're just sort of panning from side to side and as other people enter the frame, they do the same thing like they're a bunch of sultry meerkats or some shit.