1. Story lists
    That's what I'm calling them, anyway. A list that reads like a story, with every item (and sometimes photo) reading as a scene or key moment. The list that completely sucks you in and transports you somewhere else.
  2. Not to be confused with over share lists
    Don't get me wrong, I've been loving certain lists that are essentially essays broken up into bullet points, but the ones that really grab me, that hint at an amazing use for The List App, are the ones that nail pacing, text to photo ratio, and story arch.
  3. Here are 3 great examples
  4. Read this list full screen and it feels like you're watching the highlight reel of the debate. The photos combined with quotes are unbelievably engaging and one of the best recaps of a debate I've seen to date - on The List App or anywhere, for that matter.
  5. @zacksegel's imagined Google conversation ( CONVERSATION BETWEEN THE FOUNDERS OF GOOGLE )
    The bold list items are dialogue and the descriptive text is used as scene direction. Tell me this isn't an amazing new way to write a comic strip or tell a story. Who will be the first to workshop a short film with storyboards on The List App?
  6. @jaketapper's photo journals ( Paris Moments )
    His Cuba lists were the first of their kind on The List App, but the 'Paris Moments' list really captured my attention as I felt I was there with him, seeing what he saw through the photos and getting a glimpse into his mind and thought process via the text. Was this news coverage? Was this his personal experience covering a story? I read it as a story where those lines were blurred.
  7. and of course there's @dfly
    Who has painted himself into the most entertaining corner: the same type of list, every day, no exceptions. And they're all hilarious. By the 4th list item I'm totally there, in the head of whatever character he's chosen to list about. I remember them more vividly than most movies I've seen.