Whatever your political stance, you have to admire the Right for being so skilled at branding their ideals and rhetoric.
  1. "Pro-Life"
    It doesn't get better than this. The implication is that if you're not pro-life, you're pro-death. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
  2. "Family Values"
    So vague and so hard to be against. Never mind that it's a smokescreen for bigotry. Funny that those who champion "family values" the most are the ones who are so often caught having affairs...
  3. "Job Creators"
    Super wealthy people who navigate around tax law and are in bed with politicians are job creators, guys! Without them, us dopes wouldn't have our awesome jobs that don't provide health care and barely cover the cost of living!
  4. The Patriot Act
    If you're against The Patriot Act, you're a traitor, a spy, a Benedict Arnold, and/or a Commie.
  5. "Death Panels"
    This sounds like it was taken right from The Bible, "Thou shalt stand in judgement in front of thine Death Panel, and it is They who shall sentence you to a life of fire."
  6. Defense of Marriage Act
    Look out, those evil liberals are waging a war on marriage, the most beloved and cherished institution in the free world. We must defend marriage against their wicked ways.
  7. "Ruining the sanctity of marriage"
    Always in reference to same sex marriage, never in reference to divorce, adultery, or domestic abuse.
  8. "Love the sinner, hate the sin"
    Because saying "I'm uninformed, bigoted, and/or close minded" doesn't reflect well on you, this phrase was created to save face. "Oh no, I LOVE gay people, I just hate the choice they are making to sin."
  9. Ground Zero Mosque
    The image that comes to mind is a mosque right on the site of Ground Zero, not the reality, of a mosque two blocks away and completely out of site... Brilliant. Brilliant marketing, guys!
  10. "Soft on crime"
    Read: liberals are pansies
  11. "Right to life"
    Up there with "pro-life" this is great for the same reason: the implication is that if you oppose this, you think an unborn baby doesn't have the right to live. Odd how the Right never uses this terminology to describe the civilians who are killed in the wars they so often support or the bodies and choices of woman whose lives they often try to control.
  12. "War on Terror"
    Gonna close this list out strong. Who can oppose a war on terror?? Never mind that war is quite literally a terror, if you oppose this, the terrorists win. If you oppose this, you're basically saying you support terrorism.
  13. "Death Tax"
    Suggested by @audrey
  14. "Right to Work" Law
    Suggested by @audrey
  15. "Obamacare"
    Remember when this was the affordable care act? Tie the law to the president, and ready your arrows for ad hominem attacks!
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