1. Angelyne
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    Have they made a movie about Angelyne? If not, I give it 5 years. http://bit.ly/1ULfUtn
  2. WeHo Jesus
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    Not much is known about how Kevin Lee Light aka WeHo Jesus aka Hollywood Jesus is able to walk around all day dressed as Jesus without accepting money. What is known is his Coffee Bean order - I see him at the one by my house once a week (often times Angelyne is there, too!) http://bit.ly/1NxxKfp
  3. The Dog Puppet Guy
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    If you've ever been to The Hollywood Bowl, you've probably seen David Liebe Hart singing with his puppet Doug the Dog. I recently went and didn't see him and the whole experience didn't feel complete - he's as important as the actual show http://bit.ly/1THcxXp
  4. This Weho bike riding/thong wearing legend
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    He rides his bike down Santa Monica blvd in a thong and tube top. Sometimes he mixes it up with a cape. Respect 👊
    Suggested by @Caroline
  5. Honorary Westside Additions: Brentwood Running Twins
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    Suggested by @charlottery
  6. Dennis Woodruff, Famous Actor
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    Suggested by @CaptainCarrigan
  7. Everyone I know knows that @mia is the realest real deal
    Suggested by @bjnovak