Such a bait and switch
  1. A room somewhere, far away from the cold night air
    Totally acceptable! It's cold out in London and everyone should at least have a room to escape the cold
  2. One enormous chair
    Ok, sure. I think "enormous" is a little much but look, if all you're asking for is some solace from the coldness than fine, an enormous chair isn't asking too much.
  3. Lots of chocolate
    Ok, now we're starting to get greedy.
  4. Lots of coal making lots of heat
    Would have been an acceptable request when you asked for the room, but after that demand for lots of chocolate I think you've hit your "all I want" quota.
  5. To never budge 'til Spring
    If we extrapolate from this, we can deduce that Eliza is going to need servants bringing her food, water, probably books and other forms of entertainment.
  6. Someone's head resting on her knee
    Called it! She wants a person to magically appear and to be submissive. My how quickly the humble flower girl has become an entitled snob.
  7. He has to be warm and tender
    Beggars can't be chooser, Eliza.
  8. And he has to take good care of her
    You give a Cockney flower girl a room far away from the cold night air and she'll end up demanding a male servant.