1. Lindsay Shabbat Shalohan
    Jewish party girls. Specifically ones from LA private schools.
  2. Sandlering
    This is where you choose a job based primarily on the perks (location, pay, colleagues) vs. the actual job itself.
  3. The John Mayer Effect
    Every year, thousands of good looking singer/songwriters drop out of Berklee College of Music in search of fame and fortune. @john how does it feel to be personally responsible for so many missed diplomas? Are you getting a kickback from Berklee? Be honest.
  4. The Farley Friend
    Everyone has one in the group: instantly likable but usually because they're so intense that they're hard to ignore. You can count on them coming to your parties and being the life of the party, but you can't count on them not breaking stuff or getting too fucked up that they don't seriously injure themselves or others.
  5. My friend's goat: Justin Timberlake
    If you had met him, you'd get it. He was real sexy.