Updated in real time, published at the end. A random collection of things I hope never to forget
  1. Feeling incredible stupid within 2 minutes of landing in Norway
  2. The $30 cab ride from Oslo airport to the Comfort Inn, 7 minutes away.
    That NOK is strong AF.
  3. This quote stickered to the wall of the Oslo hotel by #mahatmagandhi
  4. The girl's horrible set list in the common area of the hostel of butchered songs. She was on guitar, some dude was on piano.
    "What's Going On" - 4 Non Blondes. "Mad World" - Shitty Donnie Darko version (on piano.) "Rip Tide" - Vance Joy. "Zombie" - Cranberries. "Taylor" - Jack Johnson.
  5. "I'm voting for the wild card because Hillary is the establishment"
    - my hiking buddy on why he's transitioned from a Bernie Bro to a Trump supporter.
  6. How the Germans used cutting boards from the hostel kitchen as extra ping pong paddles for the game of 3 on 3.
  7. The friendly men shooting up heroin beneath the bridge who gave us directions to the bus stop.
  8. How tasty reindeer meat is!
  9. My first time winning bar trivia!
    Turns out the key is to be the only American competing in a very US pop culture-centric trivia contest.
  10. The color of river water on the train from Bergen to Oslo
    If Daniel Craig's eyes were liquified, this would be the color.
  11. "What's that up there? That must be some Viking shit, right?"
    Some American bro in the Oslo sculpture park
  12. "Oh wait yeah, I read about the engravings online. It has to do with like, fertility or something."
    Same American bro
  13. Reading this list and cracking up in the sculpture park: MY FAVORITE SCULPTURES IN VIGELAND PARK, OSLO
    Thanks, @chris
  14. The tourists in the sculpture park were easy to spot because they were the ones who weren't playing Pokémon Go
  15. Thinking that the written language looks a lot like a drunk text from an English speaker.
    You can basically tell what it says, there's just some questionable spelling.
  16. Almost falling into the ocean to take this self-timed photo.
    And then getting laughed at by a clown blowing bubbles...
  17. These people take their coffee REALLY seriously. This was an iced latte at their Starbucks-esque shop.
    Every other shop is a cafe in Oslo and they all are stocked with various coffee magazines.
  18. My AirBnB host knew the name of the top barista in the world.
    Because apparently that's a thing...?
  19. "We care about design because we're inside like 95% of the time."
    My AirBnB host on why Scandinavians care so much about design.
  20. The Jasper Johns + Edvard Munch exhibit
    And how much I came to appreciate Munch on this trip.
  21. The joy I felt learning there was a miniature golf course in Oslo
    And the subsequent downpour that ensued (note: I played all 18 holes because I am serious about my mini putt.)