Thank you @mandi for taking the initiative and organizing and also for being IRL awesome.
  1. Collectively, we don't look as Jewish as our lists would lead one to believe.
  2. Do I really look like a 15 year old lesbian?
    Based on my profile picture, @michelle thought I was. I don't see it, but I'm still honored.
  3. I thought @john was a fake account. Guess not. Sup, dude?
  4. @sophia actually is the world's friendliest human being
    It's not an Internet-front.
  5. Johnnyartypants has had a number of girlfriend sleep with Jeff Goldblum yet doesn't seem bitter about it.
    Also, his wife told me he hasn't admitted to all the iTunes movies he's purchased while drunk.
  6. Taking a cue from @Z's list - I felt "ListApp famous"
    Which is funny because I felt so star struck by all the other Listers.
  7. This is the closest I've ever been to belonging to a cult
    I dig it. I get the appeal.
  8. Name tags are the best
    The joy of matching a face with a user name is unrivaled by all other joys. Thanks, @benkorell
  9. Multiple ListAppers felt GOT was more important than this meetup
    Not pointing fingers but like, ever heard of TiVo ???
  10. We're a loud bunch
    Seriously, that was a loud room. For those of you who couldn't hear what I was saying, just assume it was something really clever and/or charming.
  11. A lot of people were surprised I don't have blue hair anymore
    I'm regretting not dying it for the occasion.
  12. A very beautiful ListApper whose name I can't remember told me she stalked my website
    And then quoted back one of my Moth videos to me. Whoever you are, mystery ListerApper, thanks for being so open about your social media creepiness.
  13. @Grosstastic has better style than anyone else on here.
    Not even up for debate.
  14. Whoever ordered the fries for the room is the best.
    I love you.
  15. Regardless of what happens with this app...
    It's really quite wonderful that @dev and @bjnovak have created something that has given us so much enjoyment and amusement. So cheers to them! Thanks for this fun outlet for creativity, discovery, and community.