Staying with a friend in Williamsburg all weekend - never spent more time in Brooklyn than Manhattan.
  1. I have a game in Williamsburg...
    Called "super hip outfit or Hasidic Jew?" Turns out it's pretty hard to get right from a distance of 50 feet or more.
  2. Crown Victoria Bar is sort of like a watering hole...
    Where young folks flock to drink cheap beer and continue with their day
  3. "Sorry, we don't take reservations"
    Makes brunch on these beautiful days difficult
  4. Considering so many great bands shack up here...
    The street musicians are pretty par for course. I was really hoping the guys at the Bedford stop would sound a lot more like TV on the Radio and a lot less like every other group of guys banging plastic bins.
  5. The best thing about the view of Manhattan at night
    Is playing the Friends theme song in your head. Just me?
  6. Frenchies aren't just Los Angeles' dog
    Apparently they're *the* dog for young people everywhere. There's a Frenchie on every block. I'm not complaining.
  7. I really still can't believe my friends pay this much in rent
  8. I miss walking. So much.
    There are few joys in life as simple and yet enjoyable as walking through a city when the weather has just turned from awful to good. Everyone is out, in good spirits, and spontaneous.