1. Never
  2. End of list
  3. Times I think it's appropriate to cry:
  4. When someone is walking down the aisle
    Specifically at a wedding - not a plane or movie theater. Don't even have to know the person, just gotta feel the love!
  5. When George Bailey is running down the streets
    Shouting "Merry Christmas movie house! Merry Christmas Emporium! Merry Christmas you wonderful old Building and Loan!"
  6. During the funny parts of a funeral
    You know, people are talking about the good old times or lovingly joking about the deceased. Bawling. Tears. Uncontrollable waves of tears.
  7. Anytime a dog gets hurt or dies in the movies
    Not opposed to passing a law prohibiting this terrible practice from movie making. Anyone who included this in their film is a sick, sick individual. What did Skip ever do to you? Why did Marley have to leave us so soon?!
  8. When you're listening to a song that reminds you of a sad time
    For me, it's "You're a Wolf" by Seawolf. Don't know their other stuff, don't know anything about them. Just know this song makes me cry and sometimes that feels nice.
  9. Anytime someone loses a dog
    Doesn't matter if I knew the dog. If you're telling me about it, chances are there will be some tears. Sorry, cat people, IDGAF.
  10. When you get physically hurt
    Actually, I don't remember the last time I cried from physical pain. But it's totally acceptable.
  11. When someone you admire but do not know dies
    When Steve Jobs passed away I cried, a lot. I actually nearly came to tears when I realized one day we won't have Paul McCartney anymore. Actually, one day we'll all be gone, turned to dust... Memories in the hearts of those we loved and knew. But someday they'll be gone, too... Oh shit. Everyone is going to die. Nothing lasts forever. This is just a momentary state of being and what's the point?! What's the point of doing or creating or loving???
  12. (Author was unable to finish this list due to an unforeseen crying session.)