@richardkraft and I once hosted the Kraftland Ride-Athalon where 30 teams of two had to do every attraction in one day. Only 1 team completed the task with 5 other teams coming within 1 or 2. Here's a very similar list: I Rode All 56 Disneyland Attractions in 1 Day, This Is What I Learned
  1. Know when things close
    Certain attractions close early (Main Street vehicles) as do certain lands (Toon Town)
  2. Use your Fast Passes wisely
    Understand which attractions will have the longest wait and plan accordingly because you get a limited number of Fast Passes. Space Mountain sometimes has a 3 hour wait and sometimes a 30 minute wait - don't waste a FP on the latter.
  3. Ask to cut the line
    Sounds crazy, right? When we held the competition, the winning team asked on numerous occasions to cut, "we're in a competition" and it often worked. So... Ask!
  4. Save the longest wait for the last (it's probably Nemo)
    If you get in line before the park closes, they won't kick you out so you can actually extend your stay by an hour or two.
  5. Know what times certain attractions start
    If you're waiting 10 minutes in the Tiki Room courtyard you obviously don't *really* want to ride every ride in one day.
  6. Use the transportation rides to your advantage
    The Monorail and the Disneyland Rail Road are you friends for navigating the park quickly - use them wisely (they're also attractions so if you're trying to ride all the rides, these count!)
  7. Accept defeat on certain days of the year
    There are certain days of the year when the park is so crowded that you're just not gonna do it. Accept it and enjoy what you can.
  8. Bring snacks
    Sitting to eat is wasted time.
  9. Single rider on Splash Mountain and Indiana Jones
    If you go up the exit of Splash Mountain you can ride it within 10 minutes - tops - regardless of the wait time. You may get split up from your party but you're not actually going to buy the photo at the end so who cares if you're in it with strangers.
  10. Hope to get lucky in Fantasyland
    The rides here all have HORRIBLE load times AND it's infested with little kids. Your best bet is to save it to the end of the day when most of the kids have gone home. This could also be your downfall. Good luck!
  11. Do each land at a time
    You may occasionally have to cross the park to get/use your Fast Pass, but to maximize time, try to do all the attractions in one land before moving on to the next.
  12. Split up when necessary
    One of you should wait in line while the other gets food or gets you Fast Passes. Divide and conquer.
  13. Stay at a hotel and get an extra hour
    Occasionally hotel guests can get into the park and hour early.
  14. Get breakfast at Club 33
    You can eat there before the park opens and gain a few extra minutes because you'll beat the lines to get in when the park opens.
  15. Don't expect to have fun
    This is a job, not a good way to enjoy Disneyland. Find joy in completing your task, not riding the rides. Your mind should be turned towards your next objective while on a ride, not on the ride itself.
  17. Hire a VIP tour
    Whoever said its for celebrities only is incorrect: it can be bought by mortals. Just get ready to drop major dime.
  18. Get a disabled pass from Guest Services
    It is against the law for them to ask *why* you need a disabled pass, so if you have absolutely not morals, you'll go and get one and cut the line for every attraction.
  19. Hire someone via Craigslist with a disabled pass
    For a few hundred dollars there are scumbags who do the above-mentioned cheat and will 'guide' you through the park. These people are scum and I have no qualms with calling them such.