Requested yes, but inspired by @lclight (and the many years of living with @tay)
  1. Codex
    An uncomplicated chord progression and structured song, but Thom's performance over those whirling, atmospheric effects makes this a beautiful song.
  2. You and Whose Army?
    Those vocals, come on.
  3. Tie: Weird Fishes / Arpeggi & Reckoner
    In Rainbows is my favorite Radiohead album. It grooves - those jittery beats manage to fall right into place - yet the entire album is packaged in warm, lush reverb; it's an odd marriage that works well.
  4. Paranoid Android
    Any 1 section of this song is better than 99% of other songs.
  5. 15 Steps
    This is what I imagine the inside of Thom's head sounds like. Also, the way that guitar slides into the pockets of that beat... So good.
  6. The National Anthem
    You just feel cool listening to this song. And that SNL performance...
  7. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    When Thom goes into full voice...
  8. Body Snatchers
    I was VERY late to the Radiohead party, but this is the song that converted me.
  9. Idioteque
    This would also end up on my list "top 10 songs to dance to" and would top my list of "top 10 songs to watch @tay dance to" - you just get lost in it and never want it to end.
  10. Staircase
    Look how cool I am for picking a song that's not on an LP! I'm a sucker for that groove but the highlight is post-chorus when that guitar part comes in and descends into a Shephard Tone-like effect. You just feel like you're falling down this endless staircase but you never want it to end.