It's always fun to trace the lineage of how someone ended up in your life — here's one in honor of the birthday boy.
  1. My father (@richardkraft) worked with @nils father, so growing up, Nils and I were friends
    When I was applying to colleges, Nils convinced me to go to Emerson.
  2. My first semester at Emerson I met @EthanDawes and immediately didn't like him.
    He eventually won me over on a road trip to Fun Spot, the arcade made famous in the documentary King of Kong.
  3. @EthanDawes started dating @ruddybuddy
    She immediately didn't like me because I made a joke about her being older. I eventually won her over (I think...?)
  4. @ruddybuddy works with @bjnovak and so when was in beta, @EthanDawes invited me to join.
  5. I then forged a friendship with @dev and @bjnovak
    And somehow tricked them into hiring me to work on
  6. I did a little online stalking and was immediately threatened: this guy was *really* cool.
  7. And while I don't actually remember the first time I met @jeremysomething, I also struggle to remember a time when this kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and handsome dude wasn't in my life.
  8. Happy 40th, Jeremy. It's been an honor to work in close proximity to such a fine head of hair.
    Thank you for being the final step on the road to meeting and falling in love with @ashleycardiff & @Meatball 😘