My dad and I have travelled the world together whereas I just took my first international trip with my mom.
  1. Dad: We rode every roller coaster in the world
    As a result, I've been to many countries. Also as a result, I missed most of the culture.
  2. Mom: We visited every small, historic town in the South of France
    "All these big cities are the same. Let's stick to the deserted villages."
  3. Dad: Where's the mall?
  4. Mom: "I can't believe they put an Apple Store in the middle of Aix-en-Provence!!"
  5. Both: lovers of ice cream, gelato, and other sweets. Lots of that while walking through the cities.
  6. Mom: I will have to check "yes" on my customs form where it asks if I've been in contact with any livestock
  7. Dad: closest we'd ever get to livestock were the walk around characters at Disney
  8. Dad: 5 star hotels. Lots of room service.
  9. Mom: AirBnBs - awoke to homemade breakfast every morning
  10. Dad: Rickshaws, Segways, dune buggies, and all sorts of bizarre transportations to avoid physical exertion and get a great photo.
  11. Mom: "let's walk!"
  12. Dad: buy all of the things
  13. Mom: don't you already own something like that?
  14. Dad: stocked up on those tourist pamphlets you'd find in the lobby of hotels
    Tried to cram in as many as possible (I've been on more zip lines than I can remember.)
  15. Mom: relied on art-history travel book she bought months in advance .
  16. Mom: speaks French, Spanish, and a little Italian.
  17. Dad: "CO-CA CO-LA POOR FAY-VOR!!!?!"
    Regardless of what country we're in.
  18. Dad: our trips are captured and reported in real time on Facebook
  19. Mom: Can't figure out how to take photos on her phone
  20. Dad: naps most of the day and then is the life of the party
  21. Mom: party? Would rather take a walk through the woods
  22. FYI: they're divorced
    But love and respect each other immensely!