1. Listing your SO as your emergency contact
  2. Forfeiting the last bite of dessert
  3. Trekking to LAX to drop off/pick up your SO (also applicable to other airports, but mainly LAX)
  4. Not being afraid to bend over to pick something up in their presence. Naked.
    If you drop something when you're naked and not in love... That shit ain't never getting picked up - it's just not a good look for even the sexiest among us.
  5. Knowing their parents HBO GO password (I've just revealed my age)
    9/10 it's the kid's name followed by the parent's birth year. Seriously, get to hacking.
  6. Enjoying the cuddling just as much as the 👉👌
    Okay, maybe not *as much as* but you get the point.
  7. Knowing their cell phone number by heart
    Prior to my GFs number, the last number I memorized was in 2001.
  8. Declining to see a movie with friends because you've already promised to see it with your SO
    Would happily lie to a friend who I made this same promise too. Would also question why a friend made me promise to wait and see a movie with them... Are they truly in love with me?
  9. Kissing with morning breath
  10. Sitting in the middle so she can have the window even though you're 6'2" and would much prefer the aisle