@bjnovak asked me to rank cookies but that's like picking a favorite child. Instead I present a list of my go-to cookies
  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies - Soho House West Hollywood
    They're gooey. They're warm. They're just a tad bit salty. Don't be afraid to order a glass of milk to go with them.
  2. Homemade Oreo
    It's so simple, so many bakeries have these on their menu, and yet the one from Flour is head and shoulders above the rest.
  3. Chocolate chip cookies, The Smile NYC
    Big chunks of chocolate, not under or over cooked, a little extra salty, worth it.
    Suggested by @zoe
  4. Mexican Hot Chocolate - Cookie Casa
    I would guess this cookie gets its kick from Cayenne, but it's so delicious that it may actually be magic fairy dust.
  5. Black & White Cookie - Canter's
    The Plessy vs. Ferguson of cookies. Segregation has never tasted so good.
  6. Anything from Levain in NYC
    I'm hesitant to call these cookies because they're equal parts cookie and cookie dough, which is to say they bake them just enough to firm up a bit, but the inside is basically just warm, gooey cookie dough. Be warned: you will have a tummy ache after eating one of these cookies but it'll be worth it.
  7. Mint Chocolate - Milk Jar Cookies
    Hard to go wrong at Milk Jar Cookies, but if you wanna go exceptionally right, go with this bad boy.
  8. Molasses Sandwich - Cookie Casa
    All of their sandwich cookies are good, but I'm quite partial to the molasses ones.
  9. Rye Flour Chocolate Chip - Sycamore Kitchen
    I was skeptical about "rye flour." Now I am a believer.
  10. Whatever you fancy at Little Flower Candy Co.
    If you find yourself fighting off an insatiable appetite for cookies while in Pasadena, go load up on your favorite kind at LFCC.
  11. Chocolate Double Stuffed Oreo
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    When they're fresh out of the package - crispy cookie, smooth filling - perfection.
  12. LU Cookies Le Petit Ecolier
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    Pro Tip: When trying to decide between milk or dark chocolate, don't - get them both. Freeze for maximum enjoyment.
  13. Snackwell's Devil's Food Cookie Cakes
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    Pro Tip: put these suckers in the freezer and enjoy cold