1. Mumford & Sons ➡️ Punch Brothers
    You like fiddles and beards and banjos.
  2. Alt-J ➡️Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    You just wanna have some hip-swaying jams to play beer pong to, but you also want people to know you're "alt".
  3. Taylor Swift ➡️ Aimee Mann
    You've cried in a bathtub. This week.
  4. Connor Oberst ➡️ Girls
    You've cried in a bathtub. This week. And you're a dude.
  5. Haim ➡️ Kate Bush
    You were in drama club in high school.
  6. Disclosure ➡️ The Chemical Brothers
    You just wanna fucking dance, bro. Crank up that BPM and drop the bass!
  7. Phantogram ➡️ YACHT
    You've considered joining a cult before. Not a violent one, but you're down to hang out with people who have the same views on love and capitalism and consumerism as you do. You also like to dance.
  8. Bruno Mars ➡️ Curtis Mayfield
    When you're on the dance floor, people are likely to get pregnant.
  9. The XX ➡️ Spiritualized
    You're desperate to let people know how interesting you are. You're delicate and misunderstood.
  10. Imagine Dragons ➡️ Sticking sharp objects into your ears
    You have no self worth. You've given up. You literally only had enough willpower to turn the radio on - you just left it on whatever station was set and accepted that that was the best you could do.
  11. Childish Gambino ➡️ Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
    You believe something is good simply because it's different. You've also played Mario Kart 64 in the past month.
  12. The Lumineers ➡️ Rufus Wainwright
    You were in choir in high school and point that out whenever possible.
  13. Ryan Adams ➡️ Sun Kil Moon