An excellent List idea from @ChrisK what about all y'all? What didja wanna be?
  1. A bull-rider
  2. A garbage man*
    Not sure if this was me or you, @madithelma - sounds more like you but during this time in life, it's hard to divorce who was who.
  3. A cartoonist
    I can't draw to save my life. What a weird situation that would be though, "draw a pheasant doing the can-can or you're dead!
  4. A scientist
  5. A cartoonist scientist
    I'd draw informative cartoons that taught kids about science. Still couldn't draw, though I did excel at science!
  6. A music producer
    It's what I went to college for. I think I just wanted to be Jon Brion. Who doesn't, though?
  7. Jon Stewart
    When he announced he was leaving, my mom penned a letter to him telling him why I'd be an excellent replacement. She was 100% serious. Never got to send the letter though :(
  8. Heterosexual David Sedaris
    @carolinek you can be my Hugh
  9. And then I stopped knowing
  10. I admired my friends who had a passion and knew what they wanted to be
  11. I wasn't depressed, but I felt a little lost, "what am I working towards?"
  12. And then I received amazing advice from Alli Sheamur:
    To paraphrase, "Knowing what you want to be is so limiting! You know what interests you and you know you want to work with people who challenge you to grow - that's more than enough!"
  13. Since then I've wanted to be:
  14. Challenged
  15. In a position where I can learn and grow
  16. Proud of my work
  17. Financially comfortable
  18. Able to List at my heart's content