1. 2 months ago, @Caroline quit her job to go work for the Get Out The Vote initiative in VA.
    7 days a week. Unpaid. Needless to say, she's the best.
  2. This weekend, I joined her for the final push!
    Read: didn't want to feel like an unsupportive schmuck.
  3. GOTV is all about enabling likely Clinton supporters to get out and vote.
    A local home served as a staging location where volunteers received packets with voter information.
  4. For months, Caroline and her team have collected information to identify who's supporting Clinton or leaning in that direction.
  5. From there, volunteers set out to those voters' homes to make sure they:
  6. Know when to vote.
  7. Know where to vote.
  8. Have ID.
  9. Have a plan to vote.
    What time? How are they getting there? Do they need a ride? Etc.
  10. Today I was out with @DebiPal and we canvassed in a trailer park...
    We skipped the homes on our list if they displayed Confederate flags. There were a few.
  11. As well as a Subaru-infested co-living commune collective (?)
    All the homes had solar panels, there were community gardens, chickens, bees, and a pool.
  12. To answer some of your questions:
  13. Yes, people make lots of baked goods for volunteers.
  14. Yes, there are lots of handmade, Red, White, & Blue signs
  15. No, I have not been threatened, told to "fuck off", or had a shotgun pulled on me.
    But yes, we have encountered and knocked on the doors of some Trump supporters. They've been shocked at best, dismissive at worst.
  16. No, we are not out trying to convince people who to vote for.
    At this point, it's all about mobilizing folks who are already voting for HRC.
  17. Yes, the GOTV headquarters have lots of cute posters
    And there are so many volunteers that were forced to create makeshift desks.
  18. Yes, I have encountered a number or characters:
  19. The 93 year old woman in her sleeping gown who told me she put in her teeth today because she was going to a birthday party.
    She also had me walk a letter out to her mailbox.
  20. The sweet 20 year old guy in the trailer park who spoke with a thick Southern accent and wasn't aware that there was an election going on.
  21. The two 80+ year old women who discovered they were the only two people in their apartment complex who were voting Clinton.
    They were excited to find one another. This complex had those motorized chairs at every staircase.
  22. The cat house
    Self explanatory.
  23. The 22 year old girl who lived alone and was proud to vote for Trump and only answered the door because she thought I was delivering pizza.
  24. The gentleman on the phone who told me that the FBI is controlled by the Democrats and who ended the call by suggesting that rather than elect Hillary, we should instead "lock her up."
  25. The young woman who told me she just couldn't support Hillary because of "Benghazi" and then, when asked what about Benghazi she felt uncomfortable about, replied, "oh... you know..."
  26. And finally, the dozens of young children who answered the door and were excited to see my Hillary Clinton stickers.
    The kids know what's up.