Identifying lists out in the wild
  1. Gak!
    You're on BuzzFeed reading a list entitled "23 things every 90s kid wanted!" You are most likely going to click a link at the bottom called "Which Hey Arnold! Character Are You?"
  2. Salt and Straw
    You're reading someone's personal food blog about Portland. They chose which places to eat based on other food blogs and probably have zero original observations/insights
  3. #1 OK Computer
    You're reading a list of the best albums of the 90s or talking to an art-school graduate. If you're reading this list on Pitchfork or Stereogum, you've accomplished both at the same time.
  4. #2 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band
    You're reading a list written by some jackass who thinks "Highway 61 Revisited" is better. They're wrong.
  5. #1 Pulp Fiction
    You're reading a "favorite movies" list written by someone under 18 who claims "film is their life"
  6. #1 The Wire
    You're reading a list about the all time best TV authored by someone who is incredibly likely to tell you that you need to watch The Wire
  7. #1 The Sopranos
    You're reading a list of the best TV authored by someone who considers him/herself an authority on TV
  8. #1 Six Feet Under
    You're reading a list of the best TV written by someone who knows what's up.
  9. Milk
    You're reading a grocery list, most likely on a TV show or in a movie because no one actually writes "milk" on their grocery list.
  10. Get in Shape
    You're reading every person's New Year's Resolution list.
  11. 101: Go Sky Diving
    You're reading a book entitled "101 things to do before you die"
  12. 1001: Go Skydiving
    You're reading a book called "1001 things to do before you die" which is the same book as the one above but with 900 additional things you probably won't do simply because you read them in a book.
  13. 5. Firm touch towards high of closest triangle near hole
    You're on my iPhone reading a note entitled "Course 3: Sherman Oaks Castle Park" which I created before taking 2nd place at the Inaugural Los Angeles Invitational at Castle Park. @EthanDawes can attest to the majesty of this 2 day, 3 course mini golf tournament.