1. Best
    You're playing it safe but in no way actually wish to send your best to the recipient.
  2. Sincerely
    You're awkward.
  3. Kind regards
    You're super awkward.
  4. Thanks
    You're asking for something, but less an ask and more a demand. You most definitely are not actually thankful
  5. Yours truly
    You're a time traveller from the past who has somehow managed to figure out email yet missed the part where no one has used this valediction for hundreds of years.
  6. Love
    You're either emailing a friend, loved one, or family member. Or you really don't understand workplace etiquette.
  7. Xo
    You're a girl
  8. Xx
    You're a British Girl
  9. Cheers
    You're not actually British. You're looking for an alternative to "thanks" that lets people know you're creative and fun.
  10. Faithfully Yours
    You're Samwise Gamgee emailing Frodo.
  11. Always
    You're writing an ex a very lengthy email in which you're simultaneously apologizing for what you did as well as expressing disappointment and hurt for their actions. You're trying really hard to get back together by being super melodramatic. It's not going to work and you're going to find this email years later and feel disgusted by yourself.
  12. Kisses
    You are someone I am probably not going to like.
  13. Have a Blessed Day
    You are a young grandma who spends the majority of her time watching Nancy Grace and needle pointing scenes from the Bible. No email you've ever sent has contained any important information whatsoever.
  14. (None)
    No valediction followed by your stock signature complete with number, email address, and title means you're someone's boss.
  15. Best of luck with everything,
    This is my go-to passive aggressive mean sign-off, because what I'm saying is 1) best of luck BECAUSE YOU NEED IT and 2) with everything BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL DEIGN TO SPEAK TO YOU
    Suggested by @mandi