Which Nintendo Character Are You?

Inspired by a convo with @stacymichelle. Tell us who and why. Double points for pics!
  1. Luigi bc sidekicks are the best
    Suggested by   @klie
  2. BIRDO
    Easily the most mysterious character. Also there are some mostly-credible sites that claim that Birdo is a man who acts like a girl. Three cheers for Nintendo's trans-awareness! 💖
    Suggested by   @dylan
  3. me as Luigi. @Debby as Yoshi. @stephen as Toad.
    Suggested by   @stacymichelle
  4. Toad
    idk i just am
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  5. Toad.
    Just a jolly fellow with a sweet disposition. Always willing to help with no drama attached.
    Suggested by   @Marcella
  6. (yarn) Yoshi! My favorite character and also I like to roll around in a little ball sometimes. Yarn just because
    Suggested by   @pocketpenguin
  7. Kirby
    He has a hundred different styles, knows good food cause he eats it all ,and usually ends up on adventures.
    Suggested by   @aus10
  8. Rosalina
    Super Mario Galaxy - The gal who helps the hero she loves rescue the princess he loves. She's a cosmic wizard bad bitch.
    Suggested by   @saytrumbo
  9. Boo
    Hella sneaky/shy/socially anxious
    Suggested by   @Droptherock
  10. Bowser Jr.
    Because I'm cute, little & fiery! Also because I wish I had an awesome clown helicopter thing to ride around in.
    Suggested by   @ginny
  11. Roy
    @ErinFlaherty and @dylan once took my controller playing Mario Kart while I was in the bathroom and made me be Roy for an entire round. So now I just always pick him.
    Suggested by   @sky
  12. Robo
    From Chrono Trigger. I consider myself a sort of robot. Almost emotionless, but doing what needs to be done. I have friends, I have a family, but as a person with Aspergers it makes it hard to convey my more "human" side.
    Suggested by   @mwbarnhart54
  13. I was going to say Princess Peach but it's probably more like:
    Suggested by   @TVAddict